The most popular option: I personally crop correct or enhance your image and then digitally enhance the photograph. I then paint the portrait completely by hand using top quality oil paint on stretched canvas. After applying several coats of protective varnish I sign your painting. At this point it will be ready for framing.
Painting dimensions: 8" X 10". Other sizes are available, please call for pricing: (434) 447-4123.

Price: $100.00

    Availability: Back Order

    Here is what you need to do:

    Select the photo you want painted. The better the photo, the better the painting. The photo should be a clear 4X6 close up image or at least 1.5 MB if it is a digital file. Fill in the information below. Send the photo, the information below, and a payment for at least ½ the portrait price to me. You may send the completed form and digital image by email I you like. I will not begin working on the portrait until I receive your deposit.

    Your Name, Address, and Phone #.

    Size of painting

    Your color preference for the background

    Any special instructions that might clarify the photograph for me.