Personal Brief:

I attended college at Virginia Tech, majored in Biology which aids my artwork, and minored in Geology, which aids by jewelry and stone work. I travel extensively taking workshops and collecting stones. I have an active show schedule which includes:

Locust Grove Art and Wine Festival - Walkerton, VA - 5/18/2019 (rain 5/19/2019) 10am - 5pm.

Rosemont Winery Harvest Celebration - Rosemont Winery 1050 Blackridge Rd. LaCrosse, VA - 6/15/2019 10am - 5pm.

Friends of the Library Holiday Bazaar - South Hill, VA 11/16/2019 9am - 5pm & 11/17/2019 10am - 4pm.

These venues present my artwork and/or jewelry:

Rosemont Winery - Chadwicks Orchids - Gallery at the Suffolk Cultural Art Center -